IPUMS Archive


Welcome to the archival versions of the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) at ICPSR. This page provides links to older versions of the IPUMS website.  Each archived version of the site includes data, documentation, a functioning extract system, and all data extract requests made up to that point.

These sites are intended for users who want to replicate their own or others' research results using the same versions of the datasets and documentation that were available when the research was originally conducted.


Warning: These ARE NOT up-to-date versions of the IPUMS website.
Please do not use these sites for ongoing research. The data or documentation may have changed.

For the latest version of the IPUMS data and documentation, go to the main IPUMS website.


The archived sites are password protected, so that no one uses them accidentally.

Use the username "ipums" and the password "ipums@icpsr".

The following archived sites available:

IPUMS-USA website as of August, 2011
IPUMS-USA website as of March, 2010
IPUMS-USA website as of October, 2009
IPUMS-USA website as of March, 2008
IPUMS-USA website as of March, 2007
IPUMS-USA website as of September, 2006
Data and documentation prior to 2006

New archival versions of the site will be posted each year.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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